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Soulseek, download grátis. Soulseek e NS Troca de músicas especializadas na rede. Faça o download grátis do Soulseek de forma segura e % livre de vírus no Softonic. Download grátis do Soulseek, baixar Soulseek. SoulSeek is a program developed by SoulSeek, LLC. Access and see more information, as well as download and install SoulSeek.

Nome: soulseek gratis
Sistemas operacionais: Android. iOS. MacOS. Windows XP/7/10.
Licença:Somente uso pessoal
Tamanho do arquivo:53.61 MB


É possível também adicionar torrents do computador ou URLs. Ainda que você possa baixar os arquivos dos outros sem compartilhar nada, é de bom tom compartilhar ao menos algumas das suas coisas com o resto do mundo, pois isto garante que o programa continue ativo com seu vasto acervo. Mais temas especiais. Reviews SoulSeek. Em seguida, para o Americano. Funções extras : Acesso remoto aos downloads e agendamento de tarefas.

Faça o download grátis do Soulseek de forma segura e % livre de vírus no Softonic. Download grátis do Soulseek, baixar Soulseek. SoulSeek is a program developed by SoulSeek, LLC. Access and see more information, as well as download and install SoulSeek. 8/10 (13 votos) - Baixar SoulSeek Grátis. SoulSeek é um app que você poderá compartilhar músicas com outros usuários. Baixe SoulSeek e. Soulseek é um programa p2p que nasceu para que se pudesse partilhar totalmente gratuito, e em adição, você não tem que se registar para. Windows Compartilhe músicas e outros arquivos com o Soulseek Mesmo sendo a respeito sobre seus artista favorito, trocar informações, ou baixar músicas de Comentários (). Gratuito. É necessário se registrar para utilizar o programa.

Any file that a user makes available for sharing. It has a very simple interface and, in addition to sharing items, you can participate in several chat rooms, in the best mIRC style. It has no advertising banner, no spyware and can be installed quickly on any PC.

Música de graça

In a moment, you do a database search of all logged in users, pull out a list of someone's shared files, and still be in direct contact with a lot of people via the web. There you can do several simultaneous searches and get countless answers. The interesting thing here is that the results can be listed and separated by folders and users.


Of course, if you only want one file, this is also possible. It is noteworthy that, unlike programs like Kazaa and eMule, here you do not download files from multiple users, but only from one person.

Como instalar o SoulSeek

This means that the faster both your and his connections are, the faster the process is completed. However, it is also worth remembering that you, like any other SoulSeek user, can also set a bandwidth limit for data sending, which limits the transfer speed.


During this time, you can limit the amount of traffic used by a transfer, ideal for controlling bandwidth usage and not overloading the internet connection. However, the user community is picky about it and you could be banned by many if you choose not to split your files.

To make this process easier, when you first log in, in addition to creating a username and password, you can also choose which system folder you want to share. Choose the one where the items you want to make accessible to other members are. Our opinion about SoulSeek.


If you are a longtime SoulSeek user who for some reason has left the program, you will not be disappointed to return to it. In addition to the almost intact visual structure, which seems confusing to novices, it still has a large contingent of people willing to exchange files, especially audio.

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The program is a broad platform for online entertainment, allowing you to control transfers, chat with acquaintances or acquaintances, join individual chats or chat rooms, and more. SoulSeek's great asset remains the ease of downloading complete libraries of data made available by others. He still sins for not bringing a version entirely in Portuguese, but nevertheless does not become a non-viable application for those who do not speak English.

It brings up well-known terms for file sharers on the web, works relatively simply, and will probably put you in touch with someone who has that song you're looking for.

Be the first to rate this product! Interest over time. From the same developer. SoulSeek 1.

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